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10 Benefits of UK Staycations: Why You Should Holiday at Home

With the latest COVID-19 government restrictions, UK staycations are becoming a more favourable choice than ever in 2021!

In fact, recent statistics from SnapTrip tell us that Tourism is the fastest growing industry in Britain. It is expected to expand by 3.8% a year up until 2025, accounting for 10% of all jobs!

If you’re considering UK staycations with your family this year, we’re here to help make your decision that little bit easier with our top 10 benefits of holidaying at home:

1) They’re Affordable

With less transport and accommodation required, staycations can be a much cheaper option to a holiday abroad!

Unlike staying in a hotel, you can also be completely self-sufficient when camping or caravanning if you choose to. This means you can also make your holiday as budget-friendly as you like – with the option to take your own food and drink with you.

2) Less Risky

With the implications of the global pandemic – there is a lot less risk in holidaying at home.

With changing government restrictions, as well as the risk of spreading COVID-19 – you will likely put yourself, your family and even strangers at less risk by taking staycations in the UK rather than going on holiday abroad.

3) Never Too Far from Home

The beauty of camping or caravanning in the UK means you’re never going to be too far from home!

You could take a short drive even just 1 hour away, but still feel like you’re a million miles away from home.

This means if you have kids in school, or you’re short on annual leave at work – you can still enjoy a weekend away.

It can also be a comfort knowing you’re close to home in the event that you forget something or need to rush back for something unforeseen.

4) Stay in Your Own Space

Camping or caravanning trips in the UK mean you get to stay in the comfort of your own space. No need to check into a hotel, or travel on a busy plane!

Simply pack your car up, pitch your tent, and you’re all set! Your tent, caravan, or motorhome will really become your home away from home and means you get to enjoy all the home comforts and benefits that come with having your own space.

5) You Can Take Your Pets

We’ve all spent a lot more time at home with our furry friends throughout lockdown. So why not take them on holiday with you, too?!

Most campsites and caravanning sites will allow dogs to stay. Which will save you on costs of checking your dog(s) into the kennels. And will mean loads more fun for you (and your dog), too!

6) Better for the Environment

It’s no secret that carbon emissions such as those produced from aeroplanes are particularly damaging to the environment.

By staying within your home country, you can help to reduce carbon emissions from travelling and do your bit to help the environment.

7) Less Travelling Time

If you have a younger family – or even older parents that you want to take with you – less travelling time can be an absolute lifesaver!

Nobody wants to hear a screaming baby for 8 hours on an aeroplane (especially you). So less travelling time and being able to have multiple stop-offs provides huge convenience for you and your family.

8) Easier to Plan

With no need to stress over passports, airport taxis, or insurances – holidays at home are so much easier to plan!

Staycations allow you to be much more spontaneous and reduce the stress that comes with the build-up to a holiday abroad.

Once you’ve been camping or caravanning once, you’ll have a good idea of what you need to take with you. Then all that’s left to do is to stock up on your essentials, book your pitch, pack the car up and go!

9) Explore New Parts of Your Home Country

There are so many amazing places to explore in the UK!

Sure you might not be guaranteed the weather all the time… but what better than being able to explore different parts of the country you live in?

And with the UK, you really are spoilt for choice! Find out more in our article on the UK’s best campsites for 2021.

10) Support the Local Economy

With the devastating effects of the pandemic on so many businesses – especially those in the hospitality and tourism industries – there really is no better time to support your local economy.

Putting money back into our economy could help save and create thousands of jobs. And you can do it all whilst enjoying a pint and some fish and chips right here in the UK!

So what are you waiting for?! Book your next staycation now!

At The Family Tent Shop, we’re experts when it comes to camping and caravanning. If you need any further advice on how to plan your next UK trip – or if you require a new tent or any other camping or caravanning accessories – please get in touch.

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