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5 Things to Do When You Take Your Camping Equipment Out of Storage

As we come out lockdown and see restrictions lifting within the UK, you may (finally!) have your next adventure on the horizon!

After what has most probably been a good while since your last camping trip – you might be feeling slightly out of practice! Now is a great time to start thinking about getting prepared and taking your camping equipment out of storage.

Before you simply load it straight into the car, there are a number of steps that we at The Family Tent Shop recommend taking to ensure your next camping trip goes as smoothly as possible. Find out more in our latest blog:

1) Write a Camping Checklist

Before you start taking your camping equipment down from the loft or out of the garage, write a list of everything you need for your trip.

This will ensure that you locate each piece of kit and that you’re not hunting around for things on the day you’re planning to leave.

Also, when you write a list of camping equipment that you require, it stops you from packing lots of unnecessary bits that you really don’t need!

2) Test Your Tent

First and foremost, you need to check your tent. After all, that’s what’s going to protect you from the elements when you’re on your next camping trip.

Find a space where you can erect your tent, such as your garden, to make sure you still have everything you need to put it up correctly. We hear from lots of people who arrive with the tent and have forgotten the poles!

Take a bucket of water and pour it over your tent to check it’s still waterproof and that no holes have crept in while it’s been in storage.

If you have the time (and room in the garden!), many recommend spending a night in your tent before your trip, just to ensure there are no issues.

3) Clean and Check Your Kit

Take the time to clean all your equipment, so it’s ready for the trip and to remind yourself exactly what you have.

Go through and check that each item is in working order and fully charged if relevant. Inflatable mattresses should be inflated to ensure they can still stay up all night!

Other important items to check are things such as your camping stove, as you don’t want to be caught out in the great outdoors.

4) Check Site Facilities

Once you’ve got all your camping equipment out then it’s worth checking the facilities of the site you’ve booked.

It might be that the site doesn’t have the facilities you expect, meaning you might need to include a few extra camping accessories. Alternatively, it might offer more than you expect, meaning you can leave things at home and lighten your load!

However, if you’re looking to travel under the current COVID-19 government guidelines, then you must travel completely self-sufficient.

You may therefore find that there are a few extra essentials you need that you wouldn’t normally take – such as portable toilets that are an absolute necessity at the moment.

5) Go Shopping!

Once you’ve checked your camping equipment and accessories you might find that a number of items need replacing or upgrading. In which case it’s time for the fun bit, go shopping!

Take a look at some of the latest innovative camping products to see how they could make your trip even more comfortable.

Here at The Family Tent Shop, we sell a huge range of camping equipment and accessories from leading manufacturers Outwell, Vango, Kampa, Coleman, Outdoor Revolution, Campingaz, and more.

You should also stock up on any food items you want to take with you, considering that it might be easier and lighter to buy items while you’re there.

Once you’ve got everything together, all you need to focus on is letting your hair down and having a great time!

Here at The Family Tent Shop, we offer a full range of tents, camping accessories and camping equipment. Whether you’re looking for a sleeping bag, awning, cooker or lantern – we have lots to choose from.

If you’re local why not pop down to our Guildford store at the Sutton Green Garden Centre and you can browse our range, with lots of friendly advice on hand! Contact us to find out more.

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