How Big Does a Family Tent Really Need to Be?

A family camping trip can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors, take a break from normal life, and spend quality time with the most important people in your life.

Like with any family holiday, planning a camping trip can have its difficulties – especially if you’re a camping newbie!

There are absolutely tonnes of different types of tents on the market. So knowing how big your family tent really needs to be can throw up a whole load of things to think about.

To help you make your decision more easily, check out some of our top things to consider below from our team of camping experts.

The Different Types of Family Tent

First things first, it’s important to understand the different types of family tents available on the market.

There are a wide number of different tents, so we find it most helpful to break our tents down by berth size, which is the number of people it sleeps.

We also break our tents down into the type of material they’re made from, whether they have any special features, by their brand; or into packages, if it’s the full kit that you’re looking for.

You can find out more about all the different types of family tents by following the links on our website below:


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Tunnel Tents

Blackout Tents


Outwell Tents

Outdoor Revolution Tents

Coleman Tents

Kampa Tents

Vango Tents

Things to Consider When Choosing a Family Tent

Do You Need Separate Bedrooms?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a family tent is whether or not you require separate bedrooms for you and your kids.

If your children are only really young at the moment, then you’ll more than likely want to be within the same room as them – so that you’re able to keep your eye on them and provide them comfort if necessary.

However, if your children are slightly older – then it’s worth considering whether investing in a larger tent with separate bedrooms will be more cost-effective in the long run.

If you purchase a high-quality tent, then it could last you years and years. Therefore it may be worth spending a little extra now on a tent that has separate bedrooms so that you and your children can have the privacy you’ll require as they grow.

How Much Stuff Will You Be Taking?

Are you planning on doing a lot of activities while you’re there? Or planning on a longer stay where you’ll need more clothes and food? If so, then it’s important to think about how much storage room you may need.

Choosing a family tent with a porch is a great way to store extra luggage or wet and muddy shoes and clothing.

Or if you want to take something like a wardrobe to store all of your belongings then you may even decide you want an additional bedroom for an extra storage space that you can keep secure and clean.

Do You Need an Area for a Toilet?

This has been more important than ever throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. But the ease and accessibility of having your own portable toilet iw set to stay throughout 2022 and beyond!

A portable toilet is especially helpful if you have young children and could save you a lot of cold, dark walks in your PJs to the communal ones.

You may decide you want a separate area inside of your tent where you can use your toilet. Or think about whether it’d be better to keep it outside or on your front porch with a toilet tent cover for privacy.

Are Members of Your Family Tall?

If you or some members of your family are tall, then your back and neck will be thanking you by the end of your trip if you get a high tunnel tent!

Stooping inside a tent for any period of time won’t be practical and could cause a lot of pain. So when shopping for your family tent, look for high tunnel in the description or ask us if you’re unsure.

Do You Have Enough People To Pitch Your Family Tent?

Last but certainly not least, it’s super important to be sure that you’ll definitely be able to pitch your tent when you arrive at the campsite!

Some larger tents and especially poled tents can be quite tricky to pitch and could require 2 adults. Particularly for those that are less experienced at camping.

So before buying any family tent, take a look at the recommendations of how many people it will require to pitch, or give us a call if you’re unsure.

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