Our Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Family Tent

Post pandemic – staycations have become the holiday of choice for many families up and down the UK – more so than ever before.

Once you’ve made the great decision of taking your family on a camping trip, it’s important that you make sure you are fully equipped! From tents to camping chairs, sleeping bags to torches, we can offer everything you need all under one roof.

If your family is new to the great adventures of camping, then choosing the perfect tent can seem quite daunting!

But with a few options considered, you can easily narrow down which tent would be best suited for you and your family:

1) Go for the Biggest Tent You Can Afford

As with any costly purchase, it’s important that you’re going to get your money’s worth! And a tent is an investment for all your future family holidays.

We all know having a family can be unpredictable. So by opting for a larger tent, you are ensuring your tent will always have room for any extra additions or for growing children!

It always pays to go for the biggest tent possible to save having to buy a new one each year you outgrow one. And our Outdoor Revolution Airedale 7.0SE is a great example of that.

You also need to think about the space that will be available inside once all your belongings and equipment have been brought in. So if you’re not the lightest of travellers – then think bigger!

2) Consider Bedroom Layout

Depending on what stage your family are at, bedroom space could be make or break for your next holiday!

The layout you decide to go for depends heavily on what age your children are and whether you need enough separate bedrooms for each person.

If you have younger children, then you may need bedrooms or a big enough communal space for you to all sleep together. However, if your kids are older, they may be more insistent on their own space!

Luckily, our tents come in all shapes and sizes, and we offer a large variety of bedroom layouts.

3) Look for a Tent with a Porch

As your holidays will more than likely be in England, we do unfortunately have to consider the British weather!

Any good camping holiday involves a lot of outdoor fun. However, being in England means it will probably rain occasionally…

Once you and your family have had a good day out, having a place to store your shoes and coats can be a small change that makes a big difference.

Tents such as the Coleman Weathermaster 4 Air BlackOut Tent offer a significantly sized porch area that could come in extremely handy.

4) Consider a High Tunnel Tent

A high tunnel tent is a great choice for first-time campers!

Easy to put up, with a tent pole placed into the designated sleeves, your tent is up and ready to go. The poles create a strong frame for your tent and provide lots of extra head space.

The main reason a tunnel tent is a popular choice is due to the extra height room. A handy thing to consider if you or your kids are particularly tall!

The shape of this style tent makes it particularly strong in winds – which can also be quite handy for UK staycations!

5) Consider Blackout Bedrooms

A decent night’s sleep after a busy day on your camping trip can be an absolute godsend – especially if you’re entertaining kids!

We all look forward to that time off work for a rare lie-in. But keeping your children in bed past sunrise can sometimes be quite a challenge.

Blackout bedrooms can make this far easier than you would expect!

A tent such as our Coleman Mackenzie 6 Blackout Tent offers an amazing 99% daylight block which means a good night’s rest for you and the family.

6) Look for a Tent With a Sewn-in Groundsheet

A sewn-in groundsheet is something that an inexperienced camper may not even consider. However, it can actually make a big difference to the level of comfort inside your tent!

Things like bugs and dirt are a given when you go for any outdoor holiday. By choosing a tent with a sewn-in groundsheet, you are almost eliminating this factor altogether.

It also helps to keep the heat contained and makes for a cosier space for your family.

7) Consider Windows

If the weather doesn’t end up in your favour, you may end up spending a decent amount of time inside your tent.

Something as simple as making sure your tent has enough windows to bring in lots of natural daylight will make all the difference!

Extra supplies like board games and jigsaws also come highly recommended!

8) Look at Indoor Storage Space

A decent amount of storage space is important for almost any type of family holiday.

If you happen to be camping with little ones, this can be even more so! Toys can take up so much space in our house, let alone a tent…

There are plenty of options out there that offer an easy to pitch, family-sized tent with enough room for all the extras that come along with a family holiday.

9) Consider Pitching Time

We all know once we get to the site, everyone just wants to get in and settled!

Especially if you are holidaying with younger children, we would recommend looking for a tent that is quicker to pitch so you can get the family in and unpacked as soon as possible.

You don’t want little fingers working their way into the kit or getting fed up with waiting!

Air tents are a lot quicker and easier to put up than a traditional pole tent. A tent such as the Vango Aether Air 600XL Tent provides quick inflation and deflation with minimum effort required!

10) Choose a Good, Trusted Brand

Last but certainly not least – any family tent is an investment into the time you are going to be spending together – and so a good, well-trusted brand is crucial.

With any expensive purchase, you need to be confident in the quality of what you are buying and know it will last you through the years!

That’s why we always recommend you only purchase through a company with industry knowledge, experience, and great customer reviews.

Here at The Family Tent Shop, we only work with the very best manufacturers in the industry, so we are confident in the product that we are providing to our customers.

Take a look at the wonderful brands we work with here.

Here at The Family Tent Shop, we offer a full range of tents, awnings and camping accessories. Whether you’re looking for a sleeping bag, camping heater or lantern we have lots to choose from.

If you need any further advice on how to choose the best family tent for you, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Better still, if you’re local, then why not pop down to our Guildford store at the Sutton Green Garden Centre and you can browse our range – with lots of friendly advice on hand!

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