Quest Low Wattage Toaster Oven

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  • 2.6 kg

  • Temperature: Up to 230oc
  • Size: 34.3 x 26 x 21.5 cm
  • Capacity: 9 L
  • Usage: 800W • 220-240V
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz

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Quest Low Wattage Toaster Oven

25% OFF
£49.99 £37.49

SKU: 7506 Categories: , , ,

This is a low wattage oven so it draws less electric than a standard oven. This means that is cheaper to run and far less likely to trip your site electric supply when used on any number of sites. Some sites only allow low wattage items so this is allowed on these sites whereas a standard oven would not be. The oven is compact in size making it ideal for caravans, motorhomes or anywhere where space is at a premium. This is a mini oven which works the same as a tandard oven only more compact making it more versatile than microwaves as it allows you to toast and cook in a variety of ways.


Low wattage
Compact size
Easy to use and clean
Includes cooking grill and baking tray with removable handle
Low emission
Glass door
Adjustable temperature : 90 – 230°c
Adjustable timer with signal: 60 minutes
Removable crumb tray
Power indication light