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The best air tents for 2022

If you’re new to camping, you might still be new to the concept of air tents and wondering whether they’ve even any good. In this blog post we’ll cover everything you need to know! 

What is an air tent? 

An air tent is a tent that uses compressed air for its structure instead of traditional poles. They have been growing in popularity in recent years due to how easy they are to pitch, and air tents have become a tried and tested alternative amongst families wanting less hassle when they’re setting up on a site. 

Are air tents reliable? 

Absolutely! Air tents are designed to deal with adverse weather in just the same way as pole tents. You may find an air tent moves around slightly more in high winds, but they’re built with extra straps and other features to minimise this. And another plus is that you won’t end up with any snapped poles if you are caught in particularly bad weather. 

Can air tents puncture? 

Air tents are made with very robust materials and a punctured beam is very unlikely. In the unlucky event you did end up with a puncture, it’s easy enough to temporarily fix with a bit of duct tape before replacing the affected beam as a long term fix. 

Do I need a special pump? 

You will need to inflate your tent to the right pressure, so you’ll need to make sure the pump you’re using has a gauge if the tent you’re purchasing doesn’t come with one already. Be sure that you have the right fittings too. We always recommend inflating your tent at home before heading off on a trip just to be sure you have everything you need. We stock a few air beam pumps where you can set the desired pressure and it’ll inflate automatically, like this one from Kampa

Are air tents really expensive?

We only stock great quality air tents, and they can be slightly more expensive than a traditional pole tent because they’re made of a much stronger material and offer benefits in terms of quicker pitching and take down time. But they’re not as expensive as you might think, we have air tents from around £500 on our site! We’ve included a round up of our favourites with their prices below. (Prices correct on 28th June 2022 during our 25% off sale). 

Vango Aether 450XL Air Tent

This air tent from Vango comes in at an amazing price of just £525 in our sale, the best price you’ll find anywhere. This tent is a really decent specification, well designed and sturdy air tent- plus it’s made from eco fabric that’s recycled. It assembles in minutes and comes with its own double action pump.

Vango Aether air tent

Read the full specification here

Outdoor Revolution Airedale 5.0S Air Tent 

This long-running model is into its fourth year and it’s proving as popular as ever. A sturdy and well priced air tent available at just £750 in our sale. There are tonnes of desirable features and lots of space for a family with this 5 man air tent.

Outdoor Revolution Airedale Air Tent

Find out more about the Outdoor Revolution Airedale 5.0S Air Tent here.

Outwell Wood Lake 6ATC Air Tent

This air tent from Outwell really has it all! It’s made of a superb quality polycotton material, meaning ample ventilation and comfortable camping even in warmer European weather. The air tubes on this tent provide ample space for family camping including great headroom, and it also boasts large tinted windows for extra privacy. A superior quality, spacious 6 man air tent that pitches in just 15 mins, what’s not to love!

Outwell Wood Lake air tent

View the Outwell Wood Lake 6ATC Air Tent here

As a friendly, family business we’re always on hand to answer any questions you might have. We know purchasing an air tent can be a significant investment into equipment you’ll enjoy for years to come and we’re happy to advise you to make sure you find the right one. To get in touch, just click the messenger icon or send us a message here

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